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Hello Graphics

x_hellosweetie's Graphics

(no subject)
River Song
So. I've been on a graphics binge! 

There are 50 icons behind the cut, I'm sure there'll be more to come soon, I am on a roll this month! 


15 Alex Kingston
15 Florence Welch
20 Karen Gillan

Just Keep Following The Heartlines On Your Hand...Collapse )

Resource Post
Florence II
This one goes for the makers that make my world go round. Who are awesome and create things that mean my graphics actually happen. Thank you to the ones listed,however if there's someone missing whose work i am using or used please let me know you'll be so welcome in the roll!

River Song
So it's been a tough week or two, but I've still managed to get some icons banged out, which does make me enormously happy! I'm sure this isn't the las



10 Chemistry Stock 
10 Lady Gaga 
10 Karen Gillan 
More Behind the CutCollapse )

A Post of Beautiful Ladies
River Song
So, I've not made anything in photoshop for over a year - nearer 2 - but this last week I've had a surge of inspiration & I've found myself making icon after icon. So I'll shut up now. On with the show:



10 Alex Kingston
10 Emily Blunt
10 Ellie Goulding
10 Florence Welch

Lovely Ladies This Way...Collapse )